LIQUID FORCE 2024 | Compatible with All 6" Bindings, NOT able to used with 4D


หมวดหมู่ : WAKEBOARDS Wakeboard Liquide force



Loic’s board of choice for powerful hits and fun times

The Apex is Loic Deshaux’s signature board with a playful flex and direct, yet easy going feel. Using a continuous rocker profile, the Apex is fast on the water with plenty of edge-to-edge response. The clean base with edge and tip channels keeps your ride catch free on rails while allowing for bite for the massive air tricks Loic is known for.

• The Apex utilizes a narrower shape and is paired with a continuous rocker. This was done at Loic’s request to keep the board quick on top of the water and response times minimal.
• Lifted Rail design means hang ups on features are a thing of the past. Lock into that back lip with confidence! The rails bevel up and keeps everything catch free so you don’t have to worry.
• Equipped with LF Exclusive 4-Up FlexBar Inserts
• Optimized with Liquid Force 6X/6R Model Bindings
• Universal Compatibility with All Bindings Featuring 6" Mounting Spread

• Hybrid Continuous Rocker
• Paulownia Profiled CNC'd Wood Core - Made at the LF Solar Powered Fun Factory
• Tip/Tail Shape: Full Rounded Squaretail
• Variable Radius Single Concave Hull
• Lifted Catch-Free Rail Design - Improved Confidence on Features
• Liquid Rails
• Sintered Grind Base
• Finless Design


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