Wheeled Back Pack Board Bag 150 cm


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For the overloaded wake traveler, the Liquid Force Wheeled Backpack Board Bag is a must. Internal dividers and padded side walls will keep your boards safe from baggage handlers and taxi drivers. Rugged oversized wheels will keep you moving smoothly through airports and get you over any off road obstacles. Or, rock your board bag using the backpack straps in case you need to move a little faster. This bag will hold two boards, unmounted bindings and still have space for your other wake boarding gear.

65" L x 17" W x 11" H
Padded Backpack Straps
High Capacity Space for 2 Boards up to 160cm with Unmounted Bindings
Easy Rolling Urethane Rubber Wheels
Heavy Duty Oversized Zippers
Full Double Layer Padding to Protect Boards
Padded Tarpaulin Board Dividers
Compression Cinch Straps and Sturdy Grab Handles
Drainage Vents
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