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Cutting edge tech is no ILLUSION

Matty Muncey’s weapon of choice for ultimate park creativity. The cut out core has windows right through the board, revealing a window into a different dimension of lightweight pop. Naivgate your way around the cable without hang ups thanks to the lifted rail. The pioneer of our "Just The Tip" technology the Illusion has been a hit since its inception, slaying parks across the globe!

Benefits :
• "Just the Tip" Technology - Reduced Weight in Tips for Lower Swing Weight and Increased Response!
• Dished-Out Top Sheet between rider's feet aids in weight reduction, while adding additional core strength.
• Flip Tips, on the tip and tail, allow for more exaggerated pressed and help make the board feel slightly shorter!
• Equipped with LF Exclusive FlexTrack - Unlimited Stance Options!
• Optimized Board Flex with Liquid Force 4D Model Bindings
• Universal Compatibility with All Wakeboard Bindings

Features :
• Hybrid Continuous Rocker
• Paulownia Wood CNC'd Core - Made at the LF Solar Powered Fun Factory
• Tip/Tail Shape: Rounded Squaretail with Core Window
• Lifted Catch-Free Rail Design - Improved Confidence on Features
• Constructed with Bio-Resin - Comprised of Environmentally Safe Materials
• Liquid Rails
• Sintered Grind Base
• Finless Design


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