Doubble Up 2022


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The Mojito is the new standard in bindings, focusing on three points; Style, function and support. Full removeable liner with waffle sole, for ultimate fit and greater connection to your board. The nylon overlay now features a fully customisable Velcro closure that, not only gives the Mojito a unique look, but also provides protection from day to day use. Stage II chassis with DUPs 

Signature 84/16 nylon to fibreglass blend for that perfect combination of response and flex. Also incorporated are the key ingredients that DUP bindings have been known for, Dual Density Eva, Neoprene flex zones and perfect fit. 

Stage II Chassis
Multi Durometer dampening
84/16 Nylon fibreglass blend
Nylon Shell - EVA Sole
Closed Toe Design
Neoprene Flex Zones
Plyable Toe Box
Pre shaped Dual Density EVA
Customisable velcro closures
Removable liner
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